Multi-Technology Reader

er929   ER929
  Multi-Technology Reader
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  ER929 is a multi-technology reader, supporting parallel Bluetooth LE 4.0, EM proximity card and MIFARE contactless smart card. The key innovation of ER929 is its support for smartphones and long range Active Tags in access control applications. The reader is also weather-proof and therefore suitable for any environment, both indoors and out. Possible applications of the ER929 include access control tracking and car parking management systems.


The ER929’s unique features are perfectly suited for car park barrier access applications thanks to the extended reading range of up to 5 meters for both smartphones or long range Active Tags. In addition, ER929’s reading capabilities are not affected by vehicle tinting films.
The ER929 is both powerful and flexible featuring 3 reading technologies and support for 4 types of reading devices: Smartphone, long range Active Tag, MIFARE smart card and EM proximity card.
The ER929 integrates seamlessly with all ELID hardware and also 3rd party controllers with standard WIEGAND outputs.

Reading Range

Read performance varies based on device, configuration and environment. Typical reading ranges are as follows:-
  • Smartphone: up to 5 meters
  • Long Range Active tag: up to 5 meters
  • Mifare Smart Card: up to 2cm 
  • EM Card: up to 3cm 

Ordering Information

Product Code
ER-0929-001 ER929 Multi Technology Reader, Beige
EC-0929-001 Smartphone licence
ER-0929-T01 EC29 Long Range Active Tag
EC-0008-HL1 MIFARE Contactless Smart Card
EC-0024-E02 EM Proximity Card, Thin Card